Helping you help others

How it Works

You get an 8 bottle case, (each bottle is a 4 ounce bottle) along with 2 “free” one ounce sample bottles (free to you and free to the patient), a free counter-top display unit for retail display. Your first two case orders come with free shipping, after the first two the shipping is $8.00 per case. We strongly recommend a retail price of $16.00 with no tax. As a healthcare office you do not have to collect and pay sales tax.

You get as many additional “free” one ounce sample bottles for $1.00 each, but we encourage you to present the product to the patient with our explanation/education scripts and to use your position of authority as their Doctor of Chiropractic to sell the product and not rely on the free samples. We will provide educational materials, to help you promote Epsoma to your patients, scripts to teach them that Epsoma will help them.

You get unlimited support, call us anytime, call 1-864-983-2359, Monday – Friday, 9 – 12 and 2 – 6 and speak to Debbie, or call me, Mitch Davis DC, on my cell phone anytime, with any questions or comments. We may not always answer (we get busy, just like you) but we will get back to you, please leave a message if we don’t answer.

You get a No-Questions-Asked Refund, unconditional. If you have any problem, at all, we will refund your money completely, just ask, or we will do whatever you ask, replace product, send a new display unit, send more “free” 1 ounce samples. You will never have to return a product, just dispose of it properly, pour it down a drain, wash it down and recycle the bottle, if there is some physical problem with the product, we may ask you to return the product for us to inspect, but we will pay the shipping costs on it.

You may have skepticism about sales and companies that sell products, we want to eliminate any skepticism about our intentions. You will benefit from a relationship with Epsoma, or we will compensate, reimburse, repair, reward you in any reasonable way we can. You will get a partner who is a DC in practice every day. I see patients, I deal with real problems everyday. I understand the problems of adjusting patients everyday, trying to get people out of pain, become more flexible, healthier, to have a better quality of life.

All you have to do is call Debbie at 864-983-2359, M-F 9-12 & 2-6, at other times just leave a message, or Mitch at 864-871-3306 anytime. Don’t worry about payment, just tell us you want to start, we will take care of everything else, if you forget to give us your mailing address we’ll Google your office and get it, if you forget to leave payment info, we will ship your first order with an invoice for you to pay in whatever method you would normally pay any invoice. We intend to do the heavy lifting and take as much burden off of you as we can. We will fail once in a while, just like all of us do occasionally, but we’ll make it up to you.

You have my word on it