Epsoma…Early success…and failure. Part 1 of 2.

Epsoma…Early success…and failure. Part 1 of 2

So, if you read my first post you know that Doris Childers was my first Epsoma purchaser, she took a chance on an unproven product in hopes of helping calm her autistic daughter, and it did, Doris kept buying and using until, for whatever reason, her daughter Kim decided she didn’t want to put it on anymore. I began introducing it to other patients, over the next year I kept records and found that if I introduced the product to my patients, they bought! Well, I’m not a salesman, I’ve always disliked salespeople, and I thought they were dishonest and greedy. But I had a product that I created and knew would help patients, make my job easier, and make me some money. So, I learned, grew, changed my mind and was willing to sell something that I believed in and felt that every Doctor of Chiropractic should know about, so they could make their job easier, help patients get better and put a little change in their pocket (more on that later, I hope you’ll be excited about some of our upcoming specials). The records from my early success showed me that if I presented to about 60% of my patients(only those I honestly felt would benefit from using the product), and I found that if I presented it with a short explanation of why it would help them, 88% would buy the first time, 24% would come back and buy again. My best patient/customer is still Thomas Watts, who has bought more than 20 bottles which he passes out to his hunting buddies. I was happy with my sales, I felt good about selling something that I knew would help people. Then came June…

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