Epsoma…Early success…and failure. Part 2 of 2.

June Walker, she had been a patient for a number of years, coming in a few times when she needed, getting better quickly. This time was no different, except she was complaining “It’s probably just Arthritis” Arthritis…Epsoma, of course! I talked and shared with June what the product was and how it worked. She walked out of the office that day with a bottle in her hand, she returned in 3 days and….no improvement, had she used Epsoma as instructed? Yes. Could she tell any difference? No. I was at a loss, I knew she was a good candidate for Epsoma, I knew she had tight muscles that needed loosening up, I knew that she fit the profile for Epsoma, but she wasn’t responding. Epsoma was a failure, at least in this case. I couldn’t figure it out. I knew that magnesium is one of the four major electrolyte minerals, that sodium is abundant in the average diet, and potassium is widely distributed in our food supply, and we all know about calcium, the dairy industry promotes the….promotes it heavily. But magnesium is the red-headed stepchild of healthcare and nutrition, almost every American is deficient in magnesium…well except June Walker. At her next visit as I was quizzing her about Epsoma, had it helped? No. Has she used it right? Yes. Had she used it enough? Yes. So, I started thinking out loud, talking about how one teaspoon of Epsoma provides more than 10% of the RDA, about how most people are deficient in magnesium…and that’s when June spoke up and said, “but I’m not” I stopped and asked why? She replied that she had been supplementing magnesium for years! That was it! She was sufficient in magnesium, so her body would not absorb any more, that’s was why it didn’t work for her. But it will work for most of your patients. Please try one of our offers and see how it can help the patient, you and your bottom line and our profession.

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